4th Integral Leadership in Action, Austin, TX, October 15-18, 2009


Houston Presenters:

The Frothy Edge of Integral Leadership, Cindy Wigglesworth, panelists: Jeff Salzman, Terry Patten, Gary Hawke, Zak Stein, Clint Fuhs, and Robb Smith. Working Roundtable: Skillful


Skillful Means to Engage the Best of Orange and Help It Evolve, Barbara Brown. The current world economic crisis is something Clare Graves would have predicted: stages of development become toxic before the adherents grow into the next level. It is too easy to criticize such toxicity, instead of offering more compelling alternatives. Come and join a working roundtable with the object of co-creating problem analyses and solution propositions in language and symbols that are attractive and meaningful to the stage of development known as modern, the Achiever or Orange. We will start with a couple of documentary film clips showing positive Orange in action. Please bring some examples of the language you hear/read when Orange is on a roll. As a first exercise we will individually and as a group get in touch with all the positive things Orange has done for our civilization and develop a shared vision of a bright vibrant Orange community engaged in solving global issues. Then, we will break into small working groups around several key issues. Each group would try to write a succinct statement of the problem. Once the issue is clear, the group would list a few obvious Green solutions. Then, each problem statement and solution would be rewritten in positive Orange language. We have two goals: 1) Each of us would individually become attuned to Orange bashing and learn to reframe everything we say in a way more likely to elicit positive action. We would have a standard set of positive opportunity statements and responses we think might be attractive to Orange that we can distribute for the integral community to use when discussing issues with the business community.


Masculine/Feminine: Conscious Evolution Requires Something More Precise, Elizabeth Debold and Cindy Wigglesworth. We cannot afford imprecision in our language or our thoughts if we are seeking real conscious evolution. The words feminine and masculine have no clear operational definitions; evoke many different meanings to different people; and the words tend to lock us up rather than move us forward. Do we have the courage to reach for more precise language? There are beautiful polarities at play here - polarities which we need to master to move to Tier Two or Integral / Enlightened stages by any name. Elizabeth and Cindy will share their thoughts and facilitate a conversation on this topic.

Entrepreneur Camp Houston

Held Friday, August 07, 2009 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

For pictures and follow-up see http://www.facebook.com/EntrepreneurCamp


What is Entrepreneur Camp?

Entrepreneur Camp is a BarCamp style event with the goal of bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, VC's, business leaders, and anyone interested in starting a business to network, share ideas, and explore opportunities. The first Entrepreneur Camp will be held in Houston, Texas on August 6th & 7th, 2009.


Who is Invited?

Anyone who is interested in entrepreneurialism and business! We welcome those who want to form a startup, those who already have a startup, those interested in investing in startups, and anyone else looking to learn from the entrepreneur community.


Why is it Called a Camp?

Our event is a community-driven conference in the style of BarCamp. “Camp” implies that the event is informal with an emphasis on face-to-face interaction with other attendees. “Community-driven” means that the attendees of the conference actually run the conference by discussing topics appropriate to the subject of the event. The presentation schedule is determined on the morning of the conference and anyone who attends is welcome to present. Attending the camp is FREE! To all of those that attend, the camp is free, and supported by sponsors, volunteers, and the community.


What's Different About Entrepreneur Camp Houston?

We wanted to take the un-conference a step further, and offer a bit of structure to some of the event to make it more dynamic and rewarding for all of those involved. Because of this, we will have a separate room dedicated to those with startup ideas or existing companies that wish to pitch their company to a panel of investors and business leaders. The participating companies will have 2 minutes to make their elevator pitch to the panel. The winner of the pitch contest will win a 1 hour consulting session with the investors and business professionals to evaluate their idea or startup! ;