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Manage the complexity of large, multinational IT systems by applying strategic planning, systems theory and organizational development methodologies to drive optimal application design and effective implementations. This multidisciplinary approach to planning Enterprise IT projects allows companies to enable an agile organization by deploying cost-effective IT applications targeted to supporting the userís critical business processes.

Our change experts are technologists who understand the complex interaction between the IT system, the IS staff and end-users in a global environment. Technology experts fully integrate change management into requirements planning, system design, testing and implementation so that when the new system goes live, the organization, the business processes, the users and the IS department are ready.

Key Benefits

  • Move beyond the limitations of current change management programs
  • Particularly effective on enterprise projects with complex organizational or work process issues involving integration of departments, sites and external partners
  • Identify the most critical processes and most challenging gaps
  • Develop and implement an action plan to ensure high priority design and readiness issues are resolved early
  • Separate organizational issues from technical problems and direct efforts appropriately

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