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Innovations in Intuition and Ethics

      Do you need more Intuition or Innovation?

Quickly determine which of your current staff posses a natural ability for innovation and intuition
We provides a quick start program to identify your most intuitive and innovative individuals and help you rapidly deploy them into areas identified as needing chaos management or innovation

      Do you need Unique Solutions generated?

Initiate a process for correcting deficiencies by identifying and developing intuition at all levels in the organization

We can supply seasoned iNntuitives who will
-- assess your problem areas
-- recommend innovative, gut-level improvement programs

      Are you concerned about Ethics?

Ethics: obedience to the unenforceable standards that preserve civilization

Get a third party assessment of the level of ethics among current staff

Develop a plan for remedial training to correct deficiencies in ethical attitudes

Our Quick Start program assesses staff, identifies potential and develops a plan for deploying intuition where innovation is needed and for remediating ethical gaps

Change Management

  • Need new approaches to Change Management?

Our change experts are technologists who understand the complex interaction between the IT system, the IS staff and end-users in a global environment.  Technology experts fully integrate change management into requirements planning, system design, testing and implementation so that when the new system goes live, the users and the IS department are ready.

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