Learning by Failing Forward: Co-Creating a Type-Developmental Approach
for Recognizing and Growing Beyond our Mistakes

Preregistration Requested:   http://aptfailurecamp.eventbrite.com/

After events of the past 18 month, few doubt that Americans need to examine their approach to life management. 

Failure Camp:  Co-Creating a Developmental Approach for Empowerment and Success by Recognizing and Preventing Repeating Mistakes

OK – Failure has occurred - turn it into a new sense of empowerment

  • Are we ready to look at our own personal contributions to failure?
  • What have any of us learned from failure events?
  • How will personal Development help us cope with a crisis participated by a global economic meltdown?

So -- What Could Type-Savvy Persons Do NOW to use Failure Analysis and Type development to unblock our own success?

§    The session will start with small discussion groups looking at our individual professional failures. We’ll then consider how personality type and development might be involved.  After reporting on those insights, we’ll do a final group session on “What’s missing that we will need to solve the identified issues?”

§     We’ll be identifying the most prevalent career and business mistakes/failures confronting the participants, looking for underlying patterns, and then considering what’s needed to cope with today’s situation. Group interactions that contribute to failures will be considered. 

§    Participants will complete the session with a list of lessons learned from personal failures and also from the experiences of the other participants. We will look for ways that group development could improve outcomes, creating a fail forward environment crucial to an ultimate win.  Finally, each participant will develop a set of action items for unblocking personal success. 

It is not necessary to have worked with Myers-Briggs Type in order to participate in this session. However, if you are not familiar with type, we recommend that you register for the 9:10 AM Introduction to Type session.

Session Convener:  Barbara N. Brown, Technology Transformations

Co-Presenters:         Phoebe Clark, HAPT

                          AJ Owen AOWEE

                                      Matthew Wettergreen, Caroline Collective



9:00—9:30    Registration & Continental Breakfast

9:10—9:25    What is Personality Type - A short introduction to Type for those unfamiliar with the Myers Brigg will get you up to speed on the basics.

9:30—12:30 Failure Camp Program

12:30              Lunch with the presenters (self-pay at nearby restaurant)