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Monday August12, 2013

Improve your mastery of facilitating groups in the Next Stage Facilitation, an advanced three-day workshop, in Houston, Sept. 13-15

(Houston, TX) – Learn new ways to be a more masterful facilitator. Join Diane Hamilton and Rebecca Colwell in Next Stage Facilitation, an advanced, highly-engaging three-day workshop with like-minded professionals at the RAC Houston Conference Center in Houston, Sept. 13-15.

The Next Stage Facilitation is a foundational program for coaches, consultants, group process professionals, and change makers who want to engage groups skilfully and deeply, cultivate a deeper self-awareness, and strengthen the ability to navigate differing personal and cultural perspectives with ease.

This intensive program goes beyond traditional facilitation training by introducing participants to the next stage of facilitation using the Integral Map.

“Integral Facilitator offers a set of development learning experiences, tools and tactics designed to help facilitative leaders enact the next stage of facilitation,” said teacher Diane Hamilton. “Armed with an Integral Map, participants will come away with new awareness and new perspectives on group and personal dynamics and will be better equipped to tackle the practical challenges in human collaboration.”

This Next Stage Facilitation session is also a pre-requisite for a competency-based  Certificate in Integral Facilitation.

For more information or to REGISTER for the three-day Next Stage Facilitation Intensive in Houston, go to:

A very limited number of discounted early registration seats are still open. They won’t last!

About Integral Facilitator

Integral Facilitator is focused on growing capacities for collaborative work – in communities, groups and organizations. Integral Facilitator assists with efforts in organizational or social change, working with coaches, facilitators and mediators to bring more compassion and Integral skill to the world. 

 For information about the Integral Facilitator Certificate Program, visit:


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Twitter: /weFacilitate

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