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Technology Transformations is a founding member of Vibrant PIe, a group of consultants with a conscience dedicated to rapidly building Sustainable Organizations. Vibrate Pie is leading a movement to develop new capacities for our times by responding to increasing complexities using expanded perspectives to liberate unrealized potential.

Vibrant PIe - Serving Up New Perspectives  

  • The driving force behind our work is to help in the process of achieving sustainability on all levels: purpose, people, planet, and global prosperity.
  • We recognize that each organization we work with will be different, so we use a process called Dynamic Steering, which is basically like riding an off-road bike.

    Key Benefits

    •  We take things as they come, and make timely decisions with the most information available instead of trying to follow pre-determined plans.
    •  We pay attention to the ongoing feedback of our activity to make mid-course corrections while always keeping your purpose foremost in our thinking.
    •  Before we get there, we can't tell you what we'll do when because that would ignore your organization's unique location on the map and our constantly changing environment.
    • Even when we share a common goal, the path to that destination is different depending on where you start and the environment through which you must navigate. We don't know if you have to go over mountains or ford some rivers, or maybe build a bridge or tunnel for an easier passage.
    • We are confident that together we can know how to navigate these complex times.

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