Whole-Systems Strategic Planning for Change Management an Action Tutorial

Location: Tradition Bank
Montrose at Bartlett
Houston, TX 77006

Wed.-Thurs., Nov 4-5, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Purpose: The purpose of this two-day tutorial session is to teach you to use a high-involvement framework to develop a 1) strategic plan for your clients, and 2) an execution process to measure and ensure strategy effectiveness.

Outcomes: As a result of participating in this tutorial session, you will be able to:

  • Grasp the logistical aspects of the Whole-Systems Planning process
  • Describe the range of whole-systems planning process options.
  • Plan and conduct a Whole-Systems Strategic Planning event
  • Use a structured framework for dialogue--a foundational piece of the planning process and valuable in a variety of situations
  • Conduct the Consensus Workshop Process--a key facet of the planning process and a powerful change management intervention by itself
  • Facilitate a pre-conference Focus Question meeting.
  • Develop, roll out, and monitor an action plan to execute your strategy
  • Conduct follow-up sessions designed to assure execution of action planning
  • Know when the process is appropriate and not appropriate
  • Identify likely clients (internal and external) and educate them about the process


Tutorial Leader: Peter C. Haskell, Principal and Founder, OnTheCrest Consulting, is an organizational consultant and coach. He was an associate with the Covey Leadership Center-Houston. In the last ten years he has focused on improving the work of teams. His clients have included Exxon Chemicals, The Methodist Hospital, Weyerhaeuser, and Shell Oil Company. Peter holds a B.A. in Government from Bowdoin College and master's degrees in information science from Rutgers University and organization development from Pepperdine University.


Registration: Price: $350.00

For those currently between jobs, a longer-term payment plan is available.
Call (713) 526-6932 to make arrangements


Includes pre-session readings and a workbook.
Special discounted group pricing available--please call for details.

Payment by Check:

Make check payable to: OnTheCrest Consulting

Mail it to 1018 Bartlett Street, Houston, TX. 77006

To pay on line go to: OnTheCrest Consulting


What People are Saying about the Tutorial Session:

'A fabulous session!' Jennifer Langdon, OD Specialist, Shell Oil

'A wonderful tutor!! Best thing for this team!' Sue Retzlaff, Director of Organizational Development, The Methodist Hospital

'The subtle guidance by Peter, the facilitator, was exemplary. Excellent real-life examples of using the method.' Connie Perren, Shell Trading (US) Company

'Taking Peter Haskell's superb Strategic Planning tutorial has allowed me to have dynamic discussions with prospective clients on strategic planning and the confidence to include it in our offering of services. I recommend it to any consultant who wants to expand their practice. ' Bruce Anderson, Principal, Thinking Partners