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We can choose not
to participate in continuing recession if we couple cutting-edge innovations with absolute integrity.  


Technology Transformations

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About Us

Thriving in a World of Complex Adaptive Systems

Technology Transformations helps small to midsized clients do solution-driven integral process designs to foster. long-term sustainable business strategies.  We help organizations synchronize technology, systems, processes and corporate culture around the leaderís purpose and values.  Technology Transformations works to create Global Mind Change, economic prosperity and sustainable business models by assisting individuals and organizations in managing complexity and navigating rapid change through innovative combinations of technology and unique organizational development methodologies.

Helping clients manage the complexity inherent in the 21st century global economy

Developing the capacity to deal with tomorrow's conditions

When Plan A is not enough is your organization ready with a contingency plan to cope with unexpected change?

Technology Transformations is a founding member of VibrantPIe, a group of consultants with a conscience dedicated to rapidly building Thriving, Sustainable Organizations.

Serving up fresh perspectives on

  • Inspired Sustainability

  • Dynamic Prosperity

  • Personal Responsibility

  • Purposeful Collaborations

Vibrate Pie is leading a movement to develop new capacities for our times by responding to increasing complexities using expanded perspectives to liberate unrealized potential. 

The driving force behind our work is to help in the process of achieving sustainability and thrivability on all levels: purpose, process, people, planet, and global prosperity.  We recognize that each organization we work with will be different, so we use a process called Dynamic Steering, which is basically like riding an off-road bike.

Contact us:          Technology Transformations
                                 a virtual organization
                                 based in Houston, TX
Twitter:               @bn_brown
Blog:                    Glocalization
                            Houston Sustainable Business
Postal address:    P.O. Box 31233
                            Houston, TX 77231
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